Prom 2022


The checklist to use at your own disposal.

Christina Summers, Reporter

When you think about prom what do you think of? I’m assuming (I picture) pretty dresses, tuxedos, music, dancing, seniors, and photos; at least that’s what most think of. The other day when looking at dresses as one does around prom season, I made a checklist to help me prepare for prom. But we’ll get to that later.

Navarre High School didn’t have a prom last year due to covid, so this year is kind of a big deal. Similar to the juniors attending prom, the seniors also don’t all know how to go about getting ready for prom. So, I did some research. It seems like prom is a “girl thing” and as much as most could agree with that the boys’ list is just as long as the girls.

In advance

Booking appointments: hair, make-up, nails, and maybe even spray tan. Rather if it’s getting a hair cut, colored, or styled for prom night.

Buy your tickets: Our tickets are now on sale for $45, starting with seniors until Wednesday will then be open to juniors.


Dresses: beware it’s a little pricey, but it doesn’t have to be. For dresses, you can go to places like Dillards, J.C. Penney’s, bridal shops, or some more local places. In example, Middleton’s prom and pageant, Nixon’s clothing, Two times a lady, and twilight prom and pageant. Online shopping can be tricky so make sure to take your measurements and look at the measurements on each dress. Here are some online shops to look into JJs Prom Dresses, Boohoo, Anthropologie, PrettyLittleThing, BHLDN, Amazon, and Lulus. Be sure to pay attention to that delivery date. Most of these places also have shoes, you can get shoes anywhere even you’re closet. If you’re choosing to buy new shoes make sure to break them in by walking around the house.

Tuxedos: Not all guys want to buy a tuxedo and that’s perfectly okay! Here’s some tuxedo rental shops, Nixon’s Clothing, Gent’s Formal Wear, Randall’s Formal Wear, and Men’s Wearhouse. If you do choose to buy rather than rent, you can also buy from previously listed shops and get alterations.

Alterations: Places to get dress or tuxedo alterations to get the perfect fit are David’s Bridal, Alterations by Lois, Ruthy’s Creations and alterations, Paradise Alterations, Lucy’s Alterations, Sew right, and many more.

Who you’re going with

Prom-posal: For those who are going with a date or wanting to don’t forget to get that prom-posal together. If you don’t want to go with a romantic date you can prom-pose to your friends, platonic date! Pinterest can help with that. Buy flowers, maybe their favorite snacks, make a punny or lovable poster, you know them best you can think of the perfect way to do it.

Corsages and boutonnières: Make sure it matches to the dresses and tuxedos. You can get those at local florist shops, Walmart, Amazon if you’re wanting fake flowers, or even make it yourself.

Make Plans, Before and After: Make your plans before prom, which is typically dinner and taking photos and who’s going to be at it. Dinner options include Texas Roadhouse, Broussard’s, Logan’s, McGuires, Sushi, Melting Pot, and any local places you enjoy eating at. You can take photos anywhere for the most part the beach, restaurants, at your house, and any of your favorite places to take photos with your friends. Don’t forget after prom rather if that’s going home and crashing or an after party a friend is having.