NHS Cheer

Nina Glascock


NHS cheer is a fun and outgoing sport. There a lot of things you can do in cheer like stunts, and cheers, you would’ve to say at football games or competitions. Its a lot of work. You barely get a summer or days off. Tryouts are two days from 4-6pm. Up coming freshman wear white t-shirts and black shorts and black sports bras, and sophomores, juniors and seniors wear all black . On tryout days you do stunts, cheers, and any flips you can do and the alma mater and fight song, and the dance. you also would have do weightlifting over summer and if you make the team , you would have to do it everyday. If you made the team they make posters of pictures of the people who made it.   You have practices after school. over all its a fun sport and a lot of team bonding. Cheer to a lot of people isn’t a real sport but to the girls and boys who do it everyday it one hard sport.