Russian Language and Culture Club

Russian Club President expressed the purpose of her club

Mia Celentano, Assistant Editor

A new club has been introduced this school year into the large roster of unique clubs NHS has to offer. The brand-new Russian Language and Culture Club has a particularly compelling cause backing its existence, that of wanting to shed a new light on a culture and language that is vastly misconstrued by society. This club is sponsored by Mr. Gentry and the President is Alicia Wright, 11.

Exposure to this extensive and vastly misunderstood culture and language is one of the main purposes that Wright had in mind when creating the Russian Club, with the intention to encourage others to become more aware of our surroundings and independently form an opinion on Russia without misinformed, negative influence that it is normally associated with.

When asked why she created the Russian Club, Wright stated, “I constructed the Russian club to do what other people in America wouldn’t. I wanted to share my passion for the country with fellow, unprejudiced peers who saw wonder in Russia as well. I wanted to delve into a language that wasn’t French or Spanish for once. Overall, I just wanted to enjoy my time with people who shared the same interests in a topic that strode in the shadows.”  

In a community with no prominent Russian culture or influence, and only being fed information through various medias like the news and memes, having a club dedicated to educating students on Russian culture and language whilst hanging out with like-minded individuals is a positive step forward. The club will continue for the 2022-2023 school year for anybody open-minded to learning about Russian language as well as its culture.