A Senior’s Journey to College


Amanda Avila

Smiling for the camera, Amanda Avila,12, shows where she will be attending college.

Cathryn Herring, Chief Editor

Choosing a college is arguably one of the most difficult decisions that a student must make when they decide to take their education beyond high school. There are many factors that students consider when making their decision. “I chose the colleges I applied to by the major they had and the location,” stated Amanda Avila, 12, who has committed to the University of West Florida. “I wanted to major in biology, health sciences, and biomedical sciences.” Avila went on to explain how keeping her major in college open right now allows her to also keep her employment options open in the future. “I am not really sure (what I want to be) but I do want to work in the medical profession, with the biomedical sciences degree I can work as a forensic scientist which is pretty cool and interesting to me.” Avila shared words of wisdom for freshman students when picking classes and planning their high school career, “Do the classes you need to graduate, then pick the classes you might like. I would also advise doing dual enrollment. It is a fast and expensive way to get your associate degree right when you finish high school.” When asked if there was anything that Avila would do differently if she could go back and do her high school years again in order to be more prepared to get into her first pick, or obtain more scholarships, Avila stated: “she would join more clubs her freshman year and take the standardized test like the ACT and SAT my junior year, also have a list of scholarships related to you and your interests.” Making sure you are in the position to apply for the college of your choice takes lots of time and preparation. Early planning is the key to having a smooth college application process.

Smiling for the camera, Amanda Avila,12, shows where she will be attending college. photo by: (Amanda Avila)