Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here Review: Monthly Album Roundup


Wish You Were Here – Album Cover

“Wish You Were Here” is Pink Floyd’s ninth studio album. Pink Floyd were a British rock band formed in 1965. Kicking off with their debut album “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” in 1967 with band members Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason. The release of 1968’s SaucerfulOf Secrets, saw Syd being slowly replaced with guitarist and singer David Gilmour. “More” in 1969 saw the new unit of the band with David Gilmour replacing Syd Barrett completely. Furthermore, with this unit, they released multiple albums. With “Wish You Were Here”, which was released after their seminal album “The Dark Side of The Moon”, the band found themselves clashing with the studio after pressure and greed from executives due to the massive success of their previous record. Which is reflected in many lyrics on the album, like on the song, “Have a Cigar”. Sung by guest singer Roy Harper in the viewpoint of a greedy record executive. The record also touches upon personal things for the band, like the tracks “Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts I-V”, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts VI-IX”, and “Wish You Were Here”. Which talk about former bandmate, Syd Barrett, and how important he is to the band despite his absence. The album has a variety of great ideas, with the track “Welcome to the Machine”, sucking you right in with its strong soundscape and sound effects representing that of a machine. It sucks you in and spits you out, adding a unique experience to the song. The lyrics talking about another side of the corrupt music industry. 

 Each song on the album comes together seamlessly into a solid album, with its themes tying into each other to convey a consistent ideaWhat the music means to the band, and what the music means to the executives. A fitting concept for the album following their majorly successful “The Dark Side of the Moon” album.The creativity both musically and lyrically is tight.  

The instrumentation is impeccable. From some of David Gilmour’s strongest guitar work coming out on “Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts I-V”, and Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts VI-IX”, great vocal contributions from David, Roger, and Richard, and the band’s chemistry as a unit being at one of its strongest since their 1971 album “Meddle”.  

In conclusion, Wish You Were Here is a classic album that is a must-listen for any music fan. One of the many masterpieces in Pink Floyd’s discography. 10/10