Has the Super Bowl fallen off? (Opinion piece)

Justin Kline

Has the Superbowl fallen off? The straight answer is no, although the numbers have lowered since the peak of 2015 the Super Bowl still raked in just under 100 million viewers according to statista.com which is no number to scoff at. In fact, I believe this year will be one of the best years for the Super Bowl. It makes sense considering that the actual physical attendance will be much lower due to health and safety restrictions so those who would be at the game just have to watch it at home, now that factor in itself won’t drive viewership up by millions so what will? A sense of convention.

¬†Convention has been in lost the past year as people are encouraged to stay in their homes and cut themselves off from all human contact,¬† the upcoming Super Bowl could be a sign that things are finally settling down and in the foreseeable future return to normal. Because that’s what the Super Bowl is about, sitting down every year with family and friends and spending time together, while this year you might be able to spend time with some or any of your friends and family you can still reminisce about the good days.

Overall, the Super Bowl is a tradition celebrated throughout many American households all across the country, and regardless of the state of the world, there will likely be people watching. It is also worth noting that many advertisers are pulling out of The Super Bowl but not because of viewership, more to do with the problem of tone.