Goat Girl – On All Fours Review: Monthly Album Roundup


Darby Long

Goat Girl is a post-punk band from London that includes vocalist/guitarist Clottie Cream, guitarist L.E.D., bassist Naima Jelly, and drummer Rosy Bones as the band’s members. They released their debut album “Goat Girl” in 2018 to critical acclaim. In 2021, the band released “On All Fours”.

“On All Fours” sees the band incorporate more electronic and new-wave elements in their music. It showcases the band expanding and building on elements they established on their self-titled debut album. The songwriting is great, with imaginative musical atmospheres and fantastic vocals. Dissonance is utilized in many of the tracks, and it adds even more interesting elements in the music. Many different instruments are featured on the album, and they are placed so well in the compositions. It adds a lot of variety, and allows the band to explore different sounds. The band’s style is unique, but influences from many different bands and genres can be heard. Each song offers a distinct experience, bringing in new ideas and sounds for each individual track. Every track is worthy of note, and definitely has strong replay value. The flow of the album is smooth and also brings out every track’s strength together as a focused album. It truly shows the band’s strength, and their ability to properly grow and develop their sound while staying true to themselves as a unit. 

In conclusion, Goat Girl’s “On All Fours” is an explorative sophomore album to follow their debut. Goat Girl are really showing their creativity and imagination, they’re a band that would absolutely be worthwhile to consistently keep up with. Who knows what greatness they will come out with next. 9/10.