Tennis Season Recap


The 2020-2021 NHS Tennis Team

Bayla Watson, staff writer

The NHS tennis team ended the season with third place for the boys; third place for the girls. Also, four people made it to the finals! 

   Coach Whitley described the season, “went pretty well, didn’t do quite as well as I hoped, but all the kids will be back next year, so we should be good again next year. I just want the kids to come out here to have fun, do the best they can do, and work hard.” 

    Because of Covid-19, the team had many challenges this season. “We had players miss a few matches, I had to move some people around, so it definitely had an effect, but it did not affect district. Everybody was back after spring break. Before spring break, we had some problems,” Coach Whitley said. 

     Player Emily Kriegel, eleventh grade, said the biggest challenge was COVID and weather. “Our season was kind of short due to covid. This year we had twelve matches, so that is including away and home. You are only really allowed sixteen games. We had a couple of games that were cancelled because of weather this year. It kept pouring and you can’t play on wet courts; you don’t want to break your ankle.” 

      The NHS tennis team had their difficulties this season due to horrible weather and covid. They made third place for the boys’ and girls’ team and made it to the finals. Matches got cancelled because of the weather, people had to be moved around a lot, and some people got quarantined.