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Valerie Rood
Valerie Rood is an intersex Jewish woman attending her final year at Navarre High School. After school she facilitates clubs like Creative Writing and Dungeons and Dragons and on Saturdays she attends Shabbat, a Jewish religious service. At home she spends her time honing her prose and poetry, cooking, practicing her public speaking, and reviewing pop and hip-hop albums and songs. Although she isn't that much into sports, she notes that she enjoys the grunting noises of Tennis players when they hit the ball and she admires the muscular definition of weightlifters.

Valerie's future plans are dead set in exploring the history and english educational programs of a community college followed by two years of a university or college for higher educational attainment. She hopes she will be able to move in with her partner who may be exploring a career in journalism. Valerie believes in the power that the pen has and has also long envisioned an ideal structure of a news show. Through Raider news, she hopes she can achieve some of her goals ranging from adding subtitles to those hearing impaired to standardizing and laying a road for future Journalism students to be guided upon.

Valerie Rood, Co-Editor

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Valerie Rood