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2020-2021 Staff

Mia Embree


Mia likes to play basketball, watch movies and play with her dog. She has a big family and likes to see them as much as she can.

Valerie Rood


Valerie Rood is an intersex Jewish woman attending her final year at Navarre High School. After school she facilitates clubs like Creative Writing and Dungeons and Dragons and on Saturdays she attends Shabbat, a Jewish religious...

Logan Russell

Anchor, Staff Member

Logan Russell is currently a junior at Navarre High School. He is currently an anchor for Raider News and hopes to keep students up to date in the latest happenings. He is a strong believer that an interesting presentation is c...

Nathaniel Howard

Anchor, Staff Member

I'm Senior Nathan Howard, and I'm excited to show the viewers my enthusiasm and booming voice while I tell the news.

Gregory Crowell

Head Photographer, Videographer

Hi I'm Greg, a senior this year at Navarre High School. I love photography and videography with a passion and if you catch me on the court or on the track expect to be put on WorldStar.

Mason Herrin

Staff Member

Hey, I'm mason, I'm a junior. I love video editing and have been doing it for a year now. I'm excited to be a part of Raider News !

Darby Long

Staff Member

Filmmaking is important to me because it is an interest I've had ever since I saw my first movie. I love how versatile it is in expression, and I've always wanted to dwell more into film and learn to shoot my own films.

Jasmine Mhoon

Staff Member

This is Jasmine Mhoon she’s an NJROCT member who has a love for art and singing. She wants to work in IT and Cybersecurity and wishes to keep the students well informed about their school.

Trista Wolk

Staff Member

Trista is in her first year of high school. He favorite and only hobby is basketball. She enjoys playing basketball by herself whenever she can. She also has two dogs named Melly and Aspen. and they are the center of her world...

Ty Maxey

Staff Member, Computer Editing and Graphics

Ty likes to play video games and broadcast himself doing so. plans to go to college for business and would like to start his own business. He started playing football when he was seven. Ty likes playing video games, fishing, eating,...

Stephen Parisi

Staff Member, Computer Editing and Graphics

A Cool Dude with a Cool Pair of Sunglasses. Decent Video Editor while being pretty chill. You'll see me on the Raider News Network sometimes and you might even see me wear my sunglasses(hopefully). Anyways thank you for coming to m...

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